Author: Dr. Jochen Konrad, PhD.

The Dating Guide For Men
How To Get (More) Women Into Your Life

Dear friend,

You always wanted to be (more) successful with women, right? Not just with the ones who you might have gotten by sheer luck or accident. Rather you want to get the women that you are really interested in! That does not need to be the supermodel or the ice princes next door. You surely do not want these anyway, right?

You - like most other men out there - are looking for women who are feminine and attractive, who are actually interested in you and not themselves only. You do not want to just bear with some girl, just to get sex or not to be lonely. You want somebody to have a fun and fulfilling relationship with, which has a potential to last! Or maybe you want someone just for sex - but without any bullshit attached.

You are in the right place now! The times are over once and for all where you had to pick the "lesser evil"!

This book will help you to get exactly what you want! That is its sole purpose. You will not find some cheesy tips and tricks that will not work, on how to get women to sleep with you - although this is a nice side effect of what I will teach you.

I have designed an easy system which decodes the process of dating. You will get a hands-on, easy to use guide on how to be successful with women - in any way you want!

You will get everything I have learned about dating and relationships, as a scientist and a coach who helped hundreds of men so far. Plus, you will get everything I learned through my personal experience with the wonderful women I met throughout my life!

The system I present to you is deeply rooted in the various sciences which have discovered the truth about men, women and the relationships they have with each other. These have been successfully tested in real life in thousands of cases. You will not have to depend on chance or the bad advice you have gotten so far from other people. Every piece of my advice has been tested and confirmed and only made it into this book, if it has shown real results. So you can rely on the experience of hundreds of other guys who have tried these things in real life on real women!

Women are not some mysterious creatures, but nothing but real people who show clear signals and behavior that can be recognized and predicted right with a high probability. With a bit of practice and the right advice you will be able to understand them, read their signals right and understand what is going on in all situations.

Not matter what society has told you so far: People work in most cases according to certain patterns of behavior and can therefore be understood and guided towards a certain goal. These patterns just need to be made obvious and used to your advantage. This works in your everyday life, at work, in advertising, at your job interview etc. - usually against you, because we are usually not aware what is really going on there. When you have learned this system and practiced a little, you will understand exactly what is going on. In a very short span of time you will walk through your (dating) world with a completely new set of eyes!

I am pretty sure that the following has happened to you before:

A date seemed to work really well, but she was suddenly full of resistance and even stopped contacting you or taking your calls.

You have been on a date and suddenly didn't know what to talk about.

Somewhere between the first date and the relationship you hoped for, everything seemed to have come to a complete stop and you had no idea what was really going on.

You are probably a really good guy, but you have only very little success with women - especially with the ones you really wanted to have.

When dating online, nothing seems to work. All your attempts of communication seem to be unsuccessful.

You were really interested in that one great girl, but had no idea what to do to get her interested in you.

You have been thrown off course by "strange" behavior of women over and over again.

Guys who seem to be much "worse" than you (money, looks, behavior etc.) seem to get a lot of women.

You have been the "good friend" of women and had no way of getting them interested in you as a man.

I could go on and on with this list of problems when it comes to dating and relationships. And I know very well that dating today is not easy at all! We have been lead on the wrong paths by media, the internet, our friends and family, and even women! So it is about time to learn what really works and teach you how to navigate the dating world successfully.

We do not just get the wrong information when it comes to the environment, what to eat, who to elect etc. but especially when it comes to dating and relationships! It is time to leave all the bullshit and false information behind and concentrate on what really works and what leads to real results!

Even though Hollywood and the romantic fantasies of women want to make us believe that meeting and dating women is some romantic and random process, which can go right or wrong and we can do nothing about that - these things are actually pretty easy to plan and learn! For everybody! That is exactly the reason why I have written this book!

From now on you do not have to leave your dating success to chance or the moods or morals of other people!

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"The Dating Guide For Men"

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E-Book: Sex, Spaß, Beziehung

The way from meeting women to getting them to have sex with you or even into a long-term relationship can be divided into six clearly defined steps. When you know these steps you will find it easy to handle women. If you do not know these steps and do not know the right sequence and how to transition from one to the other, your chances for success will diminish by the minute in any interaction with any woman. With every hour and every day you ignore this knowledge, you will have the same mediocre success that you had so far. It is that easy!

To be perfectly clear again: It is not your fault that women are not as interested in you as they should be! You are not alone with these problems! All over the world millions of men just like you are sick of making the same mistakes over and over again and not knowing a way out! My book is full of information that has been kept from you until today: How to deal with women smartly and successfully. How to behave like a real man. How to get over the fear of approaching women, how to talk to women, finding the right places for a date and how to seduce women and keep them in your life!

My book will give you detailed and clear instructions on how to:

Successfully master every step between approaching women to having a real relationship with them.

Master the transitioning points between each of these steps.

Keep mistakes to a minimum.

Understand what women really want.

Be prepared for every obstacle on the way.

Successful handle women's various tests which they will throw at you.

Communicate that you are an attractive man.

Keep from ever being the "good friend" again.

Be deeply and honestly attractive and manly.

Stay who you are and be successful with women nonetheless.

Deal with women without manipulating them.

Move quickly to the first kiss and sex.

Understand and communicate with women like no other men they know.

All this is not some magic trick but can be learnt fast and easily. Every man can do that. Independent of looks, height, number of hair on one's head, education, job, money in the bank etc.

If you listen to the advice I give, you will have no more problems with women in no time! You will have new (luxury) problems like "How the hell do I get rid of her again?" or "Too many girls keep contacting me!" Sounds funny or even untrue for most men, but these are exactly the problems you will soon have. This is what happened to many of my clients, so it can happen to you too.

The following will be reality for you: You will be really successful with women in a few short weeks. You will suddenly know and understand women much better and be able to deal with them in a relaxed and fun way - at all places and all times. With every woman you meet you come a step closer to perfection when it comes to approaching, seducing and dating women.

Honestly, can every man get any woman he wants? Certainly not! What is true, though, is that every man can be successful with many women! Every man can do that! From my experience as a dating and relationship coach I can honestly tell you that every man can multiply his success with the opposite sex fast and easily. Nobody has to stay single or just watch from the sidelines when other guys get their girl!

Give it a try!


Dr. Jochen Konrad, PhD.

Yes! I want the e-book:
"The Dating Guide For Men"

(PDF, ca. 110 pages)

I order now for a special price
easily via instant download for
only USD 24,95*

* incl. VAT. delivery as a PDF download.

E-Book: Sex, Spaß, Beziehung

Maybe the following happened to you:

Some of your male friends have attractive girls in their lives, even though they are not better looking than you or have more money.

You met your dream girl somewhere and had no idea how to approach her or what to do to get to know her.

You talked to a girl and it even went pretty well, but suddenly it didn't seem to progress any further.

You always seem to end up in the "friend category" with no way out.

You gave your phone number or email address to many women, but never or very rarely got a call or message back from them.

Women always tell you that you are a nice guy and that you should have many girls who like you, but they never actually do anything with you.

You had a lot of dates with many women, but it never seems to go anywhere.

Your relationships always seem to end the same way.

All this can be avoided easily!

Get yourself my book now, which will guide you through all kinds of dating situations and gives you a clear action plan on how to deal with women!

If you are just the type of guy who hopes that a date would go right somehow and who prefers to navigate through life blindly, letting things just happen the way they do, then you are in the wrong place here. You do not need a book on dating!

You also do not need any information on dating and relationships, when you have the looks of a Brad Pitt and know every trick when it comes to getting women. When you are a super attractive guy who has to reject the advances of women every night, because this happens to you as soon as you leave the house. Then you can stop reading right here! Also, if you are the type of person who buys books like this and just puts them on the shelf without reading them.

If you prefer to find out how things between men and women really work and how to design a custom fit system on how to get the girls you want - what are you waiting for?

… and let's be honest: For less than the price of another unsuccessful evening with a woman, who was just hungry and bored enough to go out with you, you have the chance of getting a great book with a well working system that can turn your life around!

Yes! I want the e-book:
"The Dating Guide For Men"

(PDF, ca. 110 pages)

I order now for a special price
easily via instant download for
only USD 24,95*

* incl. VAT. delivery as a PDF download.

E-Book: Sex, Spaß, Beziehung

Did you know that,

A date should never look and smell like a date?

A restaurant and the cinema are actually horrible places for a date?

Women want to have at least as much sex as men do - if not much more?

It is a huge mistake to bring a gift or flowers to a date?

You have no chance with women when you are just a nice and friendly guy who fulfills a woman's every wish?

No? Then it is about time to get real information! Get my book now!

You will:

Learn how to pick the right places for a date.

Find the right woman for you and be able to successfully approach and seduce her.

Have the right answers ready for everything a woman will throw at you.

Learn what women really look for in a guy and be able to provide just that.

Stay just like you are, but look more manly and attractive.

Learn how to entertain women the right way.

Learn how to use online-dating to your advantage.

Avoid uncomfortable silence on a date.

Know how to look and dress in an attractive way.

Find the perfect seduction strategy that fits your personality exactly.

Avoid all possible problems that can occur on a date.

Be able to understand women deeply and communicate with them like no other guy!

Get your copy of the Dating Guide for Men right now!strong>

You won't regret it!

Yes! I want the e-book:
"The Dating Guide For Men"

(PDF, ca. 110 pages)

I order now for a special price
easily via instant download for
only USD 24,95*

* incl. VAT. delivery as a PDF download.

E-Book: Sex, Spaß, Beziehung

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